Tuesday, April 17, 2018

One more Proof

The Guardian 16 Apr
"Trainee barristers are being told they will be docked points in their exams if they wear short skirts, colourful socks or “kinky boots”.
This is one more example, of the many signs that appear these days, pointing to the hard times ahead, as far as women go. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Missing the Forest for the Trees

I can see it more and more clearly nowadays, human beings like to to indulge with the irrational, that too without any worry about the repercussions. When it is about the abstract elements of life, we celebrate it as unique elements of human race, calling it dogma, superstition, tradition, culture, etc. When it is about things like aadhaar, income tax returns, PAN cards, or linking all of those, we overlook the irrational in it, calling it hegemony of the ruling, or forward looking vision, as appropriate. When it is about things like rape, or something that can be given a color, we again overlook the irrational in it, calling it a dastardly deed. Why is it like that?
I think, the irrational in our society happens to be helpful to us. Sometimes appealing to all, or generally beautiful, and may be a few times, not so. When it is the former, we see providence, luck, or hard work; and we venerate, celebrate, or reward appropriately. But when it is the latter, and when we can't close our eyes to it, we might make some noise, and object.
Because, we are always enamored by the irrational.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Weapons of math destruction'

'Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy'. This book, by Cathy O’Neil is about the dark side of Big Data. How it can end up punishing the poor and the oppressed in our society, while making the rich richer. This book is intended to focus sharply on the damage inflicted by such companies (WMDs) and the injustice they perpetuate.
Appropriately titled Bomb Parts, the beginning chapter of the book explain the three elements of a WMD: Opacity, Scale, and Damage, with an example of how data can be used to augment or destroy the fun we enjoy with our favorite sport. Next few chapters present various methods of manipulating such data to meet the ends of powerful players in this field. How, as technology advances, we are all being subjected to a digital form of stop and frisk, our faces matched against databases of interest. Or, how automatic systems judge us when we seek jobs and evaluate us based on certain data. How this affects recruiting, and laying off, policies.
Further chapters examine the impact WMD is making on the lives of common people. How the free expression of one's choice is affected, as far as the process of elections go. How public policy imitiatives are costantly hijacked in favour of powerful lobbies. How it can be made cause extensive shake up in important areas, like the industrial sphere, health management, etc.
Author highlights the distortion, WMDs are causing in our midst. Influencing higher education, drive up debt, spur mass incarceration, pummel the poor at nearly every juncture, and undermine democracy, are only some of the ills. 'It might seem like the logical response is to disarm these weapons, one by one', and I tend to agree with the author. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018


I am sure internet can let imagination run riot, as it is happening these days. For example, look at this. ".. gas chambers were for fumigating the used clothes of inmates.." Did people get in to get cleaned with clothes on?

Friday, March 23, 2018

My Predictions

As days go by, my predictions regarding the future of humans, especially of the females and mainly focused on the intimidations directed against them, seem to be becoming true. Irrational events are regularly taking place, which we constantly misjudge. Naming those as sexist, religious intolerance, economic greed, etc., etc. Furthermore, much respected constituents of society, like teachers and guardians, are also joining the spree.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Doubt

I am sure everyone can notice this. 
Think of all those in the upper half of society, whether in education, wealth, or health. They constantly needs to be to reminded of their lucky position, and the need to devote their time to something more. That there is a need to enjoy life. 
Now think of those at the bottom half. They get constantly reminded of time, they keep on wasting on many forms of  'wanton' celebrations. That there is something to life more than enjoyment.
Why so..

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